„Refrigeration Engineering at every level” – that’s our motto
  • The assessment and design of cooling, air conditioning and vent installations

Professional design is fundamental for further assembly activities Our highly skilled designers and technicians will develop a finely assessed cooling system. We also carry out professional projects of complex cooling, air conditioning, heating and vent installations for utility rooms, whole buildings, as well as industrial buildings.

  • Technical consultation on cooling, air conditioning and ventilation

Our highly qualified engineers provide professional and reliable counseling on cooling, air conditioning and ventilation. Based on the gathered information, our staff choose optimized equipment and energy-saving materials which meet our customers' needs and expectations.

  • Selling complete cooling systems as well as single components together with automaton and cooling fittings

Our company sells complete cooling systems as well as single components. We also offer fittings of cooling automation products by renowned companies. We use our tailor-made solutions not only in food industry, but we also deal with individual orders by confectionery, poultry, pharmaceutical, meat, dairy, bakery, fish and funeral businesses.

  • Modernization and maintenance of the existing cooling, air conditioning, heating and vent installations

We are happy to undertake even the most demanding tasks. Our highly qualified team pay a great attention to suit both cooling equipment and complex, developed installation networks for room capabilities and customers' expectations. While doing services, we take advantage of renowned as well as new ergonomic technologies.

  • Construction of automated meat production conveyors and transportation systems

In the era of fast-developing automation, our company stays ahead of the competition. Our team of experienced automation engineers implement control, management and monitoring systems of cooling installations based on state-of-the-art components.

  • Construction of modern cold stores (storage buildings, cold storage buildings, deep-freeze storage buildings)

Our offer also comprises designing, delivery and detached building construction, as well as suiting the existing rooms for cooling and freezing purposes.

  • Production of hinged doors for cooling, deep-freeze and staff rooms licensed under MTH

The doors are designed, built and fitted into cooling and deep-freeze rooms in the sliding, tilting and swinging system made of acid resistant steel. They are equipped with a safety door system. The kind of doors depends on technological demands and requirements made by individual investors. The materials used by us are certified and attested by all the necessary certificates by authorized external certification bodies. Our realizations meet all the current and technological trends and requirements, being aesthetic and precisely manufactured.

  • Vent components manufacturing

We produce and assemble vent components are tailor-made ranging from galvanized to acid resistant steel. We aim to fulfill even the most demanding order. Our domain is to produce all kinds of molds and vent channels in compliance with ISO standards. The components that we produce are attested and certified, which ensures first-class quality and sustainability.

  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Our specialists assure high-quality consultation on cooling, air conditioning and ventilation. With the experience and certified qualifications acquired over the years, we ensure high quality service in compliance with the cooling industry standards. The customer service department maintains and overviews the whole assembly process from the very beginning through the warranty and post-warranty stages. They are always ready to give you all the advice and practical support you require.

  • Refrigerated delivery services

As one of the few companies, we service refrigerated deliveries Our service technicians are highly qualified and possess all the necessary certificates, have completed all the required courses and professional trainings. Thanks to the acquired qualifications and extensive know-how, they always provide first-class maintenance and find optimal solutions precisely and in no time at all.